Yes, the car rented at Car2Move can be driven by other people, according to the terms and conditions in force. Currently, insert a second driver, represents an economic extra cost for the customer, depending on the booking or at vocuher. Generally, the first driver or person signing the contract, must match the same name of the booking vouchers, and credit card information as business process requires.
Depending on the rate chosen by the customer, which is sold and in effect, the rate includes the following items: -Vat -Charges -Standard/basic Insurance CDW and TLP with discovered deductibles paid by the customer. -Road tax -Roadside assistance in case of breakdown/damage to vehicle malfunction. -Unlimited mileage if you have agreed.
There are several products that the customer in Car2Move can choose to lower the risk to damage or theft of the car. If interested, the customer may request the reduction of the deductible, depositing, paper block or protect the risks as disruption of crystals or theft.
At Car2Move you can rent only if you hold a financial credit card with embossed numbers, while you can't rent with debit cards, Electron, prepaid or VPay. However, the new financial system, makes available to the consumer of credit cards but of debt securities, which are rechargeable only according to the propensity of expense or income of the customer who owns them, as Debit cards linked to the account, the cards VPAY linked to online account — or electron in General. If the customer has one of these these debit cards, feel free to contact the Office of Car2Move that want to hire.
Customers who rent cars to Car2Move, shall at the beginning of the rental, guarantee with your credit card a sum This deposit that goes to cover the deductible borne by the client for damage or theft of the rented vehicle. This is enclosed in a pre made with electronic pos adherent to Carta Sì that handles credit cards in Italy. Normally authorize provided financial, credit card is unlocked upon return of the vehicle if there is no damage, accident or theft.
The customer who does not withdraw the car within an hour after your reservation established in the reservation, the customer is told "No Show" or client that did not occur during hours that had chosen to rent the car, thus losing any right on the car with automatic deletion system. Customers No Show, late pick up the car that instead contact the Office to advise of late, don't lose your reservation if the delay does not exceed the closing time of the Office unless expressly authorized by Car2Move and customer acceptance for payment of overtime. We encourage clients to contact always our offices in case of flight delay, or pick up your bags, to avoid losing the car with automatic deletion date now electronic systems via the Web. Customers who need to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours previously, should contact Car2Move before the selected date for booking. Erasing with 24 hours ' notice, the customer does not risk any penalty and therefore deletion is completely free of charge if made 24 hours earlier.
In order to rent a car, customers must present themselves at our offices with the following documents: -Licence valid in the original, so that has not ended. -Financial credit card registered to the primary user. -If the customer has already paid on. line must bring the printed copy of the voucher. -Identity card. -Tax code.

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