Business Opportunity

July 26, 2016

Car2Move wants to become a new player in the car rental sector in Italy, we are a new and valid reality in the car rental sector and short of short and medium term rental companies thanks to the continuous growth in terms of turnover and customers, so let's open the doors to all those who have the ability to play in the game by trusting in their talents.

Become an affiliate Car2Move allows you to develop in absolute autonomy, but with all the support you need from our experienced staff, your new business in the most profitable manner and consonant with your expectations and needs.

Our ideal affiliate is a motivated entrepreneur regardless of size, who is able to cope with the continued acceleration of our business, through our organization, knowledge of the territory and customer orientated business attitudes.

They can open a Car2Move rental office:

  • the owners of an already started activity that, by exploiting the existing structures, intends to expand and restructure it, becoming part of a viable commercial reality;
  • all those who do not have a business already started but are particularly interested in the car rental business.

To join, you need to sign up for a minimum of three years of affiliation agreement, which gives affiliates a number of benefits:

  • entry into the booking system and tour operators of Car2Move.
  • which includes, amongst other things, a substantial customer portfolio, therefore Reservation Office, application of high service standards for customer satisfaction, purchase, management and renewal of a vehicle fleet;
  • provision of advanced computer systems, dedicated online dedicated and exclusive;
  • use of the trademark;
  • assistance and support gestionale;
  • transfer of methods / techniques and commercial and marketing formulas;
  • rapid and low risk of start-up and management of entrepreneurial activity;
  • possibility of owning own vehicles by own fleet.

The investment required includes:

  • a minimum right of entry into the system;
  • annual contribution to local marketing activities;
  • annual contribution to the supply of the IT system.

All those who are interested in opening a Car2Move rental office in the area, I can send an email to, within 48 hours will be contacted by our sales office.
The email of interest to our affiliate program must include the company name, city and region, contact name and phone numbers.