In Car2Move our mission is to encourage the creation of a short term car rental offer with all the products and services that are useful to our customers. For the purpose, in other words, to affirm the Best Price at the Most Competitive Price, a new and unique rental offer model, complete for short term product management.

To achieve this, we have adapted ourselves to a saturated and barrier-free market, forming our staff and our strategic partners in the know-how needed to build a valid, competitive service at a reasonable cost.

Our job is to increase the offer of car rental and perfrmance rewards on our web, developing the network platform in a stable and efficient way.

Let's not forget, in fact, that a successful tourism product is built with the integration of many elements: from the facilities offered by the facility to the possibility of offering our own fleet online also at attractive prices.

This mission involves us both as car hire experts as well as the technologies that are now being applied to it, as well as as advocates of business management, conducted according to managerial criteria that are relevant to other important economic sectors in the world.

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