Born as an off-road vehicle, the Renegade today is a trendy car, useful in the dirt road but also in the city. Although not very fast for the unfavorable aerodynamics, this is a practical SUV with good performance both in urban and in urban areas. The automatic gearbox, if booked and available, will ease your driving, but it is not particularly quick in the engine's engine speed increase. But it is in the offroad that this model gives the best of itself, offering customers the most evolved full-range drive.

In fact, the Jeep Renegade features an all-wheel drive system known as Active Drive Low, which offers greater control over the downhill and lower gear. When driving from the full drive to the two drive wheels, this car is equipped with the rear axle disconnect system, allowing a smooth transition of the traction system and also reducing fuel consumption. The maximum adherence to the ground is allowed by the Active Drive Low device that transfers 100% of the torque on the single wheel.

The Renegade is 4.25 meters long for a height of 1.72 meters. The car's pitch is 2.58 meters, making this versatile Suv of the Jeep range compact and safe.

A strong point is the trunk that allows a capacity of 350 liters that become over 1,300 lowering the rear seats.

Therefore, the new Jeep Renegade is a car that we recommend to our customers because it is safe, new and with great performance, but be careful that Renegade can only be booked on demand by sending an email to, hurry up.



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