Terms and Conditions of Rental (April 2016 - Subject to Variations / Updates)​


Car2Move (hereinafter referred to as "Leaseholder") delivers to the lessee (user / signatory of the car hire contract, hereinafter referred to as "Customer") the most well-identified car on the rental contract.

The customer accepting the rental conditions also agrees that the car rental rates are calculated on a daily basis, as long as 24 (24) hours from the time the vehicle is repayed to our rental agencies. Rates include RCA, liability limitation standard for damage (CD), liability limitation in case of theft and fire standard (TP), property tax, roadside assistance and VAT. By signing the contract the customer accepts the following rental conditions and fully accepts responsibility for damage resulting from traffic and / or theft and fire and all the following items:


Models and Vehicle Categories: Our cars are classified in groups according to Acriss terminology. The reservation refers to and is always confirmed for the vehicle category and never for the model. The vehicles shown in any business documentation or our partners' websites are only indicative and may be replaced with other similar or superior category according to the business necessities of the current business period.


Routes: Our rates are unlimited travel unless otherwise stated in application of the net fare. In the case of limited mileage, the rates include a mileage mileage of 150 km per day.

Every km in excess of what is contractually stipulated is charged at 0.38 cents (€) per km included VAT.


Opening Times: Generally, we distinguish two types of position, to determine the opening and closing times.

At local level there may be variations, we always advise you to check with the rental office, especially in case of late arrivals if it is reservations at the airport.

Rental stations could be closed for delivery and pickup of vehicles on qualifying days as national or local holidays. Please check directly with the rental station at the time of booking.

Generally, the Car2Move airport office is open from 08:30 to 21:30 with a continuous seven-day schedule for seven holidays, unless otherwise stated.


Off-duty service: This is a car delivery to the customer after the normal opening / closing time.

In this case, the rental office that provides out-of-time service along with the rental fee will charge an amount equal to € 40 + VAT. Outbound withdrawal and delivery requests are based on a specific customer request, our staff does not wait until after normal working hours. In the event that the customer refuses to pay out of time, the rental office will cancel the booking and / or refuse the rental.


VAT: All amounts are subject to VAT (if applicable), except for amounts defined as penalty.


Payment Method: Rental offices accept all major credit cards. Amex cards are not accepted for the release of the deposit / warranty to the vehicle, but only for the payment of the rental. Diners Club cards are not accepted, please check locally for confirmation. The credit card will be used for the authorization of the amount deducted for a deposit equal to the amount of the rental plus the amount of the guarantee in case of damage / theft / fire / extra costs always according to the category of the vehicle and the services purchased.



The credit card must be registered in the name of the vehicle user, as well as the address of the "Pre-Pay" reservation if it is a customer booked with the online broker. Cash deposits / deposits are not accepted. The local rental station reserves the right to accept Electron, Prepaid or Debit cards, these cards may not issue pre-authorization / bail, so the office may refuse the rental. We do not accept the payment of the rental with any type of check.


Anchor Deposit: This is a financial deposit, to be issued only on financial card for the withdrawal of the car (business good), Such deposit is a guarantee amount to cover the value of liability limitations for damage and / or fire of the car. This amount will be blocked on the Customer's Credit Card through a pre-authorization request for an amount between € 1200.00 and € 3.000 depending on the rented vehicle category.


Civil Liability to Third Parties (RCA): Vehicle insurance covers civil liability towards third parties, as provided by applicable law according to the ceilings displayed by the local rental station.


Driving accidents: Refer to the regulations in force. This additional service, if available, can be purchased with maximum amounts and franchises available at the local rental station. Please check with the local rental station.


Complaint Claims: Customer is obliged to report any road accident or damage in writing by mail or fax to the local hiring station from which the vehicle came out within 12 hours and using the CAI form contained in the documentation provided to the vehicle. The omission or delay in providing such information could seriously harm Car2Move, so there is a charge for the amount of the franchise. In the event of claims, regardless of liability, you will be charged to the customer an amount of € 50 VAT included as an administrative fee.


Disclaimer of Liability (CD): Reduction or exclusion of liability for damage is possible with KDW and SKDW products. Reduction or exclusion of liability for theft and fire is possible with TPW and STPW products only when not specified otherwise. Such reduction / exclusion does not in any case apply to the following regions: Sicily, Calabria, Apulia and Campania.

The amounts relating to Customer's liability for damage to the vehicle, that is, damage to the leased vehicle, are shown in the table below, with the amount required as a credit card authorization to guarantee damages. The credit card must be addressed to the Customer leasing the vehicle. The KDW service allows you to reduce the liability limitation and the corresponding amount as collateral. Limitation of liability never excludes damage to the wheels, tires, glasses, roof and bottom of the vehicle. For other exclusions and not, please refer to rental stations.




Theft and Fire Responsibility Limitation (TP): Customer's Responsibility for damage caused by theft or fire, in whole or in part, to the hired vehicle is shown in the following table with the amount required as a credit card guarantee of any damage. The credit card must be addressed to the Customer leasing the vehicle. The TPW service allows you to reduce your liability limitation and the corresponding amount as a guarantee. Reduction in liability limitation does not apply to events occurring in Sicily, Calabria, Apulia and Campania. For other exclusions, please refer to rental conditions for details. Each rental station reserves the right to claim an amount higher than the vehicle.




Kasco Damage Waiver (KDW): KDW service reduces liability for damage, against payment of a daily amount as defined in the table. The Customer is still liable for damage to the wheels, tires, glass, roof and floor and damage caused by Customer's negligence, such as cigarette burns, etc.




Super Kasco Damage Waiver (SKDW): The SKDW service reduces the liability for damages to the payment of a daily amount as defined in the table below. The Customer is still liable for damage to the wheels, tires, glass, roof and floor and damage caused by Customer's negligence, such as cigarette burns, etc.




Theft and Fire Protection Waiver (TPW): Service (TPW) reduces liability for theft and fire of the vehicle against payment of a daily amount as defined in the table. Reduction of liability does not apply to events occurring in Calabria, Sicily, Apulia and Campania. The Customer remains liable for the standard limitation or reduced unless otherwise specified.




Super Theft and Fire Protection Waiver (STPW): The STPW service, where provided, reduces the liability for theft and fire of the vehicle to zero with payment of a daily amount as defined in the table below. The exclusion of liability limitation does not apply to events that occurred in Calabria, Sicily, Apulia and Campania.




Super Risk Reduction Waveir (SRRW): The SRRW service, where applicable, is the combination of (SKDW and STPW), which reduces the liability, damage, fire and fire damages to zero by paying a daily amount as defined in the table below. Exclusion of liability limitation for theft and fire does not apply, however, to events occurring in Calabria, Sicily, Apulia and Campania.




Reduction and elimination of liability limitations do not apply in the case of a client of a minimum age that does not fall under the terms of the Minimum Age (c. Young drivers). We invite all customers to park vehicles in paid guarded areas.


Minimum Age: The minimum age for chartering a vehicle is 21 years. Customers aged 21 to 24 can rent only Mini and Economy vehicles. Customers aged between 24 and 30 can hire Intermediate vehicles. Customers older than 30 can hire all major category vehicles including the Minivan. Instead, "Young Driver" is defined as the Customer / User whose age does not fall within the limits set by category. In the case of "Young Drivers", a daily charge of € 15 + VAT applies for each rental day. In any case, however, a minimum of 2 years of driving experience is required.


Maximum age: 76 years.


Driving License and Identification Data: You must have a valid Italian or international driving license valid in Italy. In case of information about customer behavior against street code, and rental can be refused. The Customer is obliged to submit a valid and up-to-date copy of the driving license accompanied by photos. In addition to the license, Customer will have to produce one or two valid credit cards on behalf of the Customer that will / year be used for payment of the deposit, any extra charges and additional services. The customer (including the second guide) may be asked for a second identification document, complete with photos, in addition to the driving license, such as for example.



 Your passport, or documents proving your real residence address. Clients who come from abroad will be required to stay in Italy, as well as any information needed to verify their place of temporary residence. The license must be written in readable characters and must, if necessary, be accompanied by a valid international driving license or documentation valid in Italy. In the event that the Customer is not in a position to produce the necessary documentation, the Car2Move office reserves the right to refuse the rental and / or charge the amount of € 30 + VAT.


Administrative Penalties and Penalties: In the event of a breach of the Road Code, it is the responsibility of the Customer to bear all costs relating to sanctions, parking, tolls and any other charges resulting from administrative penalties or irregular use of the vehicle. In the event that Car2Move receives any penalty for infringement of the street code or car parks or unpaid motorway tolls, the amount of the penalty will be charged to the Customer (if it is not possible to renote it according to the applicable regulations), in addition to the administrative cost of € 40 + VAT. Car2Move reserves the right to charge the Customer's credit card even after the rental expires in a maximum of 180 days.


Accessories Services: in the case of ancillary services below the conditions applied.





The navigator must be returned to the same rental station where it was withdrawn, otherwise a $ 50 penalty will be charged. In the event of theft and fire or damage will be charged to the Customer a penalty of € 150. Baby Seat, you will be charged a penalty of € 30 if you need a deep wash or damage.


Overtime: In the event that Customer's flight flight is delayed with respect to the booking, the Customer will not receive any charge if the delay is within two (2) hours of delay as compared to the scheduled arrival time. If the booking does not include all flight details including the flight number, the rental station may close without notice. No reimbursement will be due in the case of rentals that: end before the start date of the rental (check-out) on the contract, delayed delivery with respect to the opening and closing times of the rental station, no pickup of the vehicle or cancellation of the reservation made after the scheduled end of the rental (check-in) even when purchasing covers. Any exemptions will be agreed directly with the local rental station.


Rent to leave: returning the vehicle to a rental station other than the departure station is possible upon the permission of the exit rental station and for payment of an amount to be agreed locally. In case of unauthorized delivery at a rental station other than the one outbound on the contract, a penalty of € 200 will be charged.


Extension of the rental: extension of the rental is not allowed.


Territorial Restrictions: as stated in the General Rental Conditions, the Customer is authorized to circulate only in Italy unless expressly authorized by the local rental station which will be able to agree the border crossing and movement in certain countries if provided by the Green Card.


Delivery and resumption: delivery and pickup service is available during the opening hours of the rental station. The cost of the service is € 20 + VAT in the urban area, plus a charge of €


1.40 / km + VAT in the extra-urban area. The service must be booked and agreed directly with the local rental station.


Hourly tolerance for redeeming: in case of redeeming beyond the expected time, a one hour hourly tolerance is applied, after which 1 day of extra rental is charged at the rates at the time of return.


Loss of Keys: Car2move will charge a penalty of € 350 in case of non-delivery of keys or damages and of all costs of restoration as well as immobilization of the car. In case of theft and failure to return the keys, the Customer will be considered negligent and will not apply any of the reductions in liability limitations and the Customer will be responsible for the value of the vehicle. Ask the rental station for details about any costs.


Fuel Service: In the case of Full to Full product the vehicle is delivered to the Customer with full fuel and must be returned with full. Fuel is the responsibility of the Customer. In case of redundancy, the non-refueling service is charged for an amount of € 15 + VAT. The charge for missing fuel will be charged in the tank's eighths according to rates posted at the rental stations. In the case of Full to Empty, the customer will have to pay the full amount of fuel directly to the counter. Unused fuel will not be refunded to Customer. Refer directly to the rental station for the full cost.


Roadside Service: Road assistance service is included in rental rates. The toll-free number and service delivery procedures are available locally at the rental stations. Please check carefully before the start of the rental and check the documentation inside the car. Depending on the circumstances and where the car is located Car2Move reserves the right not to provide the replacement vehicle.


Early repayment: No refund is due in case of early repayment or termination of the rental for any reason.


Non-smoking Animal / Animal Transport: It is forbidden to smoke and carry animals except in containers according to law. In case of non-compliance, a minimum amount of € 80 + VAT will be charged.


Cleaning: In case the vehicle is returned in conditions that require extraordinary washing

(internally or externally) will be charged an amount from € 50.00 to € 100 + VAT.


Vehicle Conditions: The vehicle must be returned to the rental station from which it came out under the same conditions as it was delivered (unless normal wear). Damage will be charged according to market values. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the condition of the vehicle before taking it into custody. The Customer is responsible for the state of the vehicle and agrees to maintain the technical condition of the vehicle by taking all necessary actions in accordance with the rule of good sense and safety. Any costs will be reimbursed to the Customer only if previously authorized by the local rental station from which the vehicle came out.


Complaints: Any complaint must be filed and sent by email to customerservices@car2move.it within 30 days. from the date of return of the vehicle. Complaints received after this deadline will not be considered.


Prohibition of Sublocation: It is expressly forbidden to sublicense the leased vehicle and / or any accessories, as well as the sale of the rental contract and the obligations arising from the subscription of these General Conditions and the rental contract.


Cancellation: cancellation of the reservation must be made in writing, by mail or fax directly to the rental station and at least 24 hours before the start of the rental. Telephone cancellation requests will not be considered.


Failure to submit: a booking is classified as a "no show" one (1) hour after the start of the rental, if there was no direct contact with the local rental station. In the absence of contact if the Customer arrives after an hour (1) hours the reservation is handled as a new reservation and satisfied only if there is a vehicle availability and if the rental station is open. Changes in flight operations will be seen as "no show" and bookings can not be taken over or transferred to other rental offices. However, reasonable efforts will be made to satisfy the customer previously booked.


Changes: Reservations can only be made in writing by fax or mail, at least 48 hours before the start of the rental. Phone changes will not be accepted. Requests for changes are not insured and are treated as new bookings.


General Terms: All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document, which are added to the general rental conditions subscribed by the Client and to which the call is made in full. Car2Move is committed to providing up-to-date information on rental. We reiterate that these conditions are subject to variations. Updates will be available at rental stations. The Client signing the rental agreement accepts the conditions when the vehicle is withdrawn and for the duration of the rental. Car2Move is not responsible for driving by users under the influence of alcohol, drugs, off-road driving, and non-compliance with road code. The Customer accepts responsibility for any damage resulting from these claims. In the event of negligent conduct by our Customer, our Company Car2Move has the right to recover all sums and damages incurred by Customer's conduct.


Final Provisions: No modification can be made to these General Conditions without the consent of a landlord's representative with appropriate modification permission.

The nullity of any provision of these General Conditions will not result in the invalidity of the same or the rental contract in its entirety.

These titles of these General Conditions are only inserted for convenience in the service provided to the customer or user.

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